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BizLink is a global manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for motor vehicles, IT products, industrial equipment, medical equipment and general electronics products. Read more about our wiring harnesses.

The new BizLink HDMI connectors, cable assemblies and adapters are compliant with the new HDMI 1.4 specification ratified in May 2009. HDMI interconnects have become the predominant technology for home entertainment system, and are expanding in consumer electronics market share with the proliferation of smart phone and tablet devices.

DisplayPort™ is a new digital display interface standard put forth by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). DisplayPort will be the next generation digital interface designed to replace VGA, LVDS and DVI. BizLink now have a complete series of cable assemblies, dongles and connectors. ...more

BizLink receive ISO13485 certificate from TUV (January 11, 2008) for its Medical Business Unit in Shenzhen Factory, China. BizLink have great experience of manufacturing cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for medical equipment.

BizLink enters fluoropolymer insulated wire markets by introducing a new product line of FEP, ETFE, and PFA wires. Fluoropolymer, which is well known by Dupont's famous Teflon?brand, are ideal choices for insulation and jacketing applications where low flammability, exceptional dielectric properties, high stress-crack resistance, chemical inertness, and thermal cycling capabilities are required. Fluoropolymer insulated wires are widely used in military, automotive, aerospace industries, and in harsh environment, such as oil, gas, chemical, nuclear factories. BizLink's extruders, with Erocarb's double and triple layer injection heads, can extrude 24~40AWG single/double/triple insulation wires and RG cables.

BizLink's solar cables are now both TÜV and UL certified. Colors available are black, blue and red. These solar cables, are meeting all requirement for the solar energy market and will be a perfect choice for any solar panel installation. They are electro beam cross-linked, resistant to UV, water, ozone, fluids, oil, salt and general weathering.

BizLink have received it's TUV certificate for both junction box and connectors. This complete the certification of BizLink's Photovoltaic Interconnection series for Solar Panels including wires. Designed to industry standards, and with a versatile compatibility footprint, these interconnect products will be the industry’s #1 choice for PV based solar energy in the future.

BizLink now presents it's halogen-free DisplayPort cable as a result of a corporate environmentally conscious strategy. Check out our DisplayPort products that you now can get halogen-free.


BizLink receive UL approval for halogen-free power cord (Nema 5-15 to IEC 320). BizLink designs and mass-produces power cords for a multitude of industries and applications, including PCs and office equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, medical equipment, and test & measurement equipment.

The new generation of interconnectivity solutions for the data storage industry is Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). With a point-to-point architecture in which storage devices connect directly to the SAS ports increases data throughput and improve the ability to fix disk failures. Read more about our SAS connectors here.

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